New Product

with advanced print control technology and intoxicating printing quality

Inkjet Printing Series

Advanced mechanical precision, good saturation, printing quality and high speed

Photo Printing Series

High precision, high speed and stable performance

Ceramic Printing Series

High speed and low cost, continuous production with accurate alignment, the revolutionary innovative dual smart inkjet technology

Engineering CAD printer

Environmental protection and energy efficiency
You can enjoy the thrill, sense of the quality and achievement from the blue printing.

Transformation/Sublimation Series

Industrial print head, long service life, low maintenance cost and loss

UV Series

Optional 3/4/6/8/12pcs Starfire print heads, the environmental protection concept of high-tech-free digital full color printer can meet the current and future market trend.

Gongzheng Ink Series

Prefect fluency, durability and color

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  • Inkjet Series

  • Photo Series

  • Ceramic series

  • Engineering

  • Thermal transfer series

  • UV Series

  • GongZheng ink series