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Strengthening leadership awareness, build efficient professional team, two days later work is group of high-level management annual system training the leaders influence in ou north all the successful completion of the international hotel.

Mid-Autumn August, osmanthus fragrance, September 6 solstice 7, two days later work is group of high-level management annual system training the leaders influence in ou north all international hotel was held as scheduled.This training leaders influence, is the theme of the following may the advisory President, controls the organization on July and August after the performance control and a core curriculum, and work is a group of 2014 annual overall strategy transformation and upgrading of one of the project and the important link of the work.This course is aimed to study leader characteristics, influence and communication ability, as a supervisor of the company and the department manager, how to practice their own leaders, from how to let others like you, how to make people trust you, how to let others to obey you and how to let others follow you and so on has carried on the systematic and comprehensive study.

Since this year series high-level get company's senior leadership attaches great importance to the training, also give strong support from different divisions of the company.The series of nearly 200 people to attend training, the company's top leaders also from your busy schedule time attending the training and the interactive game project.In the process of teaching, we listen attentively and take notes carefully, actively participate in the expert teacher interaction, recess games the team organization to life, get the company leadership and the expert teacher's high praise.In this series of training to learn, a single course in multiple team won the first, learning the game company leaders separately to each team to give the material and spiritual rewards.

Award winning champion team to accept the head of the company and took a group photo

This year, according to the group company's administrative hr training series by Mr Li and Mr Wen two speaker teacher lectures, courses, warm teacher miss li in the process of interpretation of the theory with practice, lectures lively and interesting, the classroom atmosphere was active.Miss li to the enterprise strategic planning, management structure and management practice, systematic management made a unique interpretation, wen teacher in organization control, performance control and influence characteristics of leaders must also introduced.in the speech, and emphasized the strengthening team construction is strengthening management personnel at all levels of key enterprise management system of cognition, make the students grasp the essence of the training, we have benefited a lot from.

Workers are group all the attending elite to take picture with the teacher

The end of the course, work is group 2014 annual overall strategy will enter the second stage of the transformation and upgrading project site management to improve the link, in the second phase, mainly on the basis of the first stage of the theory with practice, the enterprise management of all levels, each link, each system integration, to achieve a comprehensive upgrade of enterprise management.

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