“GONGZHENG” in the 23rd Shanghai Int’l Ad & Sign Technology & Equipment Exhibition

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Spring is a season that full of vitality, is also a beautiful, magical, full of the season of hope.ShouHua said, spring, spring is also sowing seasons.On March 14, the annual advertising people feast - 23rd advertising technology equipment exhibition has successfully ended.Workers are joining 5 meters UV/solvent volume of series, Polaris 512 star 1024 print machine series, spray painting machine series, the wind/panasonic pictorial machine series and so on perfect at the exhibition.The exhibition scene decorate meticulously, the interpretation of professional service team, both at home and abroad customers high enthusiasm...This trip to Shanghai to work is put on the most gorgeous brushstroke.

'high-end grade atmosphere booth layout

The first thing you see is the work of this exhibition is launching new products: 5 meters wide UV/solvent volume of 3.2 meters and UV/solvent volume to the series.High strength and high precision mechanical design and manufacturing technology, adopt advanced technology starlight 1024 sprinkler, optional 4/6/8/12 stars 1024 sprinkler, spray speed can be up to 400 square per hour, UV speed can reach 60 square per hour.

5 meters wide UV/solvent volume of series column

Perfect color printing, even could not help but want to make a foreign friends as well

3.2 meters UV/solvent volume of series

And then, let's take a look at the stars 1024 exhibit print machine.

Pictorial machine precision, the speed of spraying machine series GZM3204SG star in 1024

Booth before consulting machine customers in an endless stream

Outdoor back glue printing preferred a series GZM1804SG star in 1024

Watching the stars 1024 series, and then to see lots of the Polaris 512 print machine series!!!!

Who is the most popular print 2014 machine?Of course is belong to my Polaris 512 series GZT3208AU.

Just we see the 2014 best seller print machine models, then we together again to see 2009-2014 of the most popular pictorial machine!Starlight 1024 series, backgdw (BPP able again to come see lots of the Polaris 512 print machine series!!!!

Who is the most popular print 2014 machine?Of course is belong to my Polaris 512 series GZT3208AU.

In addition to the above the leading technology of starlight 1024 series, we see this exhibition we GZX2004, GZS1904 hot stamping/thermal sublimation printer power is to be reckoned with!Is the so-called "good horse still need matchs good saddle", this machine adopts industrial-grade Fuji SPECTRA nozzle spray - the United States, 1024 holes per nozzle, the nozzle 10 pl, achieve real photo level, speed up to 130 square per hour.



By far the speed and accuracy of conquered the exhibition at home and abroad customers

The show each series of machines are all 18 years manufacturing industry is the embodiment of the strength, "ten years", workers are people strive for industry customers with high quality products at the same time, more focus on building industry is the high quality of service.

The show guests an endless stream, sign the bill the customer is also a batch of followed a group of...

Industry is as the industry more than ten years of old brand, not only far ahead in technology innovation, but also keep up with the trend of The Times, this exhibition will be the traditional marketing and emerging mobile Internet marketing to do the perfect combination.Don't know, attentive friends have found that work is the every kind of display device is equipped with the machine introduction of qr code, you only need to take out your phone scan the qr code, the introduction of the machine to show on your phone, when you want to know the device again, after take out a cellular phone would be clear at a glance.And if you have any questions to ask, can also directly in the industry is WeChat platform directly ask technical personnel (industry is WeChat: gongzheng - group).

Good belongs to the confident, chance belongs to the Portland trail blazers, miracle belongs to obsession.2015, workers are people will, as always, dedicated good service each customer, with our high quality products and our dependable earnest attitude to bear you give us the most sincere trust!

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